Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hmmm, Look what I found....

It's my old blog! I'd almost forgotten about this! It's been so long, where to begin?? Well, the boys are older now. Daniel is going into 3rd grade, Mikey is going into 2nd, and much to the dismay of the girls at daycare, Zach is going into his last year at Noah's Ark. I'm looking around and wondering where on earth my babies went! I'm still teaching the 6th graders, still in Holtville. As you can imagine, the Hurricanes have been quite busy. Last time I posted, they had just started getting into baseball. That has become a big deal around here. All 3 boys are playing now, and starting in the spring, all 3 will be playing on separate teams. Daniel will be moving up to kid pitch, Mikey will stay at coach pitch, and Zach will be playing t-ball. Mikey made the 7-8 year old All-Star team this past year. He has become quite the ball player. And after a disasterous experience with football when he was 5, he's reluctantly decided to give football another try. He's agreed to go to a couple of practices to see how he likes it. He and Daniel are both wanting to play fall baseball too, so we'll see where that leads. We really lucked out with baseball though. We've had the same group of coaches since the boys started playing. They are a great group of guys. Robert has even helped coach, all 3 boys. Also, I'm going to be an aunt in a few months. Robert's sister is having a baby boy in late Nov./early Dec. SO excited about that!! Well, now that the catching up is done, I'll be posting more often!

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