Friday, March 28, 2008

Counting my blessings, Part 2

I've already done a post like this, but I thought I'd do another one. (Ok, well, actually, Jerinda thought that all of the SMW girls should post about what they are thankful for, hehe). So, to recap a previous post, I'm thankful for my hubby, my boys, my parents and grandparents and the upbringing that I had. I'm actually even thankful for my job...after all, it pays the bills and I am learning something from this to trust in the power of prayer!!
On a more light hearted note...I'm really thankful for air conditioning!! Now I know that some of you Northerners can't really appreciate what a wonderful thing AC is, that is unless you visit the South during the months of April-October. As a born and bred Southerner, I say Bless your heart, whoever invented the air conditioner!!!! I really hope you have a special place in Heaven!!
I'm also thankful for Zaxby's Boneless Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings. Thank you Zaxby's for introducing me to this wonderful, spicy goodness. Before this, I had never really liked wings. Thank you for changing my mind!!
Pay at the pump gas stations.....What an ingenious idea that was!! I honestly believe that a woman either invented these or talked her husband, brother, ect into inventing them. Ever tried lugging 3 kids under 5 into a gas station to pay for gas?? You inevitably come out loaded down snacks, drinks, and other stuff you don't want or need and honestly, with the price of gas these days, who can afford anything extra?? Not to mention that it takes longer to buckle and unbuckle car seats than it does to pump gas!!
Clorox Stain Out....Moms of boys know what I mean by this!! This stuff has saved untold amounts of dirt streaked, popsicle stained clothes for me!!
Getting a little more serious...I'm thankful for the daycare teachers at my boys' daycare. They have become like family to us. And they have taught my boys so much and not just academics. They are a great bunch of ladies.
Speaking of great ladies, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my pals at SMW. These girls have been around through my final pregnancy and through Zach's journey to toddlerhood. You girls rock and I love you!!
And last but not least, my adopted daughters at school. You girls don't realize how much you mean to me. You've helped me get through a really tough year this year and I love you all!!

There is so much more that I'm thankful for.....either lighthearted or more serious. I'm an extremely blessed woman with a wonderful family and great friends. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Fever!!

Ok, my girls at SMW have given me a serious case of baby fever!! What the heck is in the water over there anyhow???? Hearing about all of your BFP's has gotten me to thinking about when I got my very first (and my second, and my third lol) BFP. Robert and I decided around June of 2001 to start TTC. I went off BC and we thought I MIGHT be pg around our first anniversary (July 22, 2001) but turns out we weren't. So we kept trying for what to us (or to me anyway) seemed like forever, but really wasn't all that long. In January, after I got mad at the dog and cat and chased them through the house screaming like a banshee, Robert told me that he thought I needed to go get a pregnancy test. So I did and I got my first BFP!!! I was so excited!! I didn't completely trust the test though, so I called my dr and went in for a blood test. It was positive too so I called and made an appointment with my OB/GYN. I had HORRIBLE m/s with Daniel (with all 3 pregnancies actually). But other than that, I had a very uneventful pregnancy. Daniel's arrival however made up for my uneventful pregnancy. He ended up staying in the hospital for 4 extra days b/c he had low blood sugar. It wasn't serious, but it was scary, especially when you are a first time parent!! But finally, we got to bring our little boy home. And lo and behold, 5 months later (before Daniel was sleeping through the night even) I got my 2nd BFP!! If the feelings I had with my first were elation and excitement, the feelings I had when I saw that 2nd were shock, confusion, and disbelief! How the heck could I be pg AGAIN and so soon after having Daniel??? (Yeah, well, ok, I know HOW it happened, but that's beside the point!!) This pregnancy was a bit more eventful, not because of anything that went wrong during the pregnancy but b/c of trying to deal with a baby AND all the gunk that goes along with being pg!! I remember that when Daniel went with me to the dr to hear the new baby's heartbeat that first time (he was only like 8 or 9 months old) he GROWLED when he heard the heartbeat. It was hilarious!! The very first episode of sibling rivalry!! Mikey came along with no problems. Until he was 6 wks old and caught RSV his first week in daycare b/c some stupid parent sent their kid to school KNOWING they were sick, but I digress. So, let's fast forward about 2.5 years. Daniel is 3, Mikey is 2, and I have an April Fool's joke go a bit astray! We had been at my mom's house on April 1 and I play an April Fool's joke on my parents by telling them I'm pregnant......WELL, about a month later, turns out the joke's on ME! I AM pregnant! YIKES!! Well, of course, I'm SURE that this time I will have a little girl....NOT! Here comes my 3rd little boy. This final pregnancy turns out to be my most eventful towards the end of it. On Dec. 14, I was involved in a car accident. I wasn't injured, nor was Zach, but after the wreck, my BP went up and stayed up. I was put on bedrest, which really SUCKS btw, and the dr ended up inducing me on Dec 21. 4 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! Poor little Zach had a much rougher time of things than his brothers. He developed pnuemonia and then we had a hard time getting him to eat and gain weight. He was in the NICU for 10 days and got to come home on New Year's Eve. I had my tubes tied the day after he was born. Sometimes I wish I could have more kids but I know that it's not really practical for us and everyone has to stop somewhere. I would do some things differently if I were to ever get pg again. Or at least I like to think I would. I would not find out the sex (or try not to); I would not be induced (Robert always wanted to do the mad dash to the hospital, lol) and I would try breastfeeding. I did for a while with Daniel but didn't even attempt with Mikey or Zach. But that's all woulda, shoulda, coulda b/c I had my tubes tied and I won't be having any more babies. Sometimes I wish I could, but I'm happy with my family. With my 3 boys...wouldn't change it for the world. It's just those darn SMW preggos that gave me baby fever!! HEHEHE!!!

***BTW, Cookie, yeah, I know this is a long post!! You should be used to them by now!! Love ya!***