Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Amazing Experience

It's been a while since I posted and in that time, a wonderful thing has happened to our family. Daniel, my oldest son, accepted Christ recently. Daniel has always had a knack for understanding spiritual things. He has been curious about Jesus and God for a long time now and has been asking some very in depth questions. He has a better grasp on the plan for salvation than a lot of kids twice his age. In fact, the Thursday before Easter, he actually witnessed to another child on the playground. He has truly amazed me with his faith. I now understand what Jesus meant when He spoke of having "child-like faith." Daniel doesn't question the how's or why's of what God does...He just accepts. I am learning alot from my child about faith. On the way home from my in-laws' on a Saturday night, Daniel and I were alone in the Tahoe and we were talking (for the millionth time =) ) about Jesus and how He died on the cross for our sins. We were talking about how if Jesus lives in your heart then you can go to Heaven to live with Him one day. Daniel then asked me the question that I knew had been coming...."Mommy, how can I get Jesus in my heart?" So I explained to him that you had to tell Jesus that you are a sinner and tell Him that you are sorry for your sins. I explained that you had to tell Jesus that you want to follow Him and you want to live with Him in Heaven. Then my 5 year old little boy prayed the sweetest, most sincere prayer I've ever heard. It was an indescribable experience as I watched my son become my brother in Christ. The next morning we talked with our pastor and he asked Daniel some questions to see if he really understood what he was saying and doing. Daniel was amazing. He answered those questions with surprisingly adult answers. Our pastor told me later that he had seen 9 and 10 year olds who did not have the understanding that Daniel did. He told me he'd never seen a child as young as Daniel have such a grasp on what it meant to accept Christ. So we are going to get with our pastor and set up Daniel's baptism. I'm so proud of my little boy and I'm so thankful to the wonderful ladies at the boys' daycare. Their teachings have played a HUGE part in Daniel being where he is today. I can never thank them enough. But most of all, I thank my Savior for working in my son's life and touching his heart at such an early age. I just pray that I can continue to guide all of my boys and raise them in a way that is pleasing to God.

Friday, April 4, 2008

April Showers, May Flowers, and All that Jazz!

Ok...I'm finally getting around to Tuesday's blog assignment from SMW. Springtime.....flowers blooming, weather warming, and me sneezing!! Seriously though, I love springtime, for a variety of reasons....One being that I HATE HATE HATE cold weather!!! The only GOOD thing about cold weather is the slight chance of snow that comes with it. Other than that, you Yankees can have the cold weather!! I want my smoldering 100 degree summers!! I LOVE living in the South. I'm sure most of you Southerners have heard the joke that we have 4 seasons here in the south....Hot, Dang-It Hot, Warm, and Christmas!!! Yep....give me a good ole' Southern summer anyday. BUT we aren't talking about summer, we are talking about SPRING. I really do love springtime, in spite of the havoc that it wreaks on my allergies. Aside from the obvious warm weather (late March, early April is really the only time we don't need heat or air conditioning around here), I have always loved spring b/c my bday is April 10!! WOOHOO, yay for birthdays!! A day that is all about ME!!! Of course, if you ask Robert, EVERY day is all about me, hehehehe!! I also have developed quite a fondness for springtime lately because SCHOOL IS OUT at the end of May!! WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! Of course, there are a few things about springtime that rather suck...One being the aforementioned allergies. Also, the arrival of pesky little insects like ants and mosquitoes that have decided to wake up! Then there is the ever dreaded.....SAT testing!! YUK! BUT, the good thing about that is that testing = nearly end of school, so that's not TOO bad. All in all, spring's virtues FAR outweigh any negatives. So, bring on the April showers and May flowers.......Bring on SPRING!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Through the Eyes of a Hurricane (Zach Edition)

The other boys have had their turn, now it's Zach's! My baby, my little bundle of joy, my four year old trapped in a one year old's body!! I suppose it is an occupational hazard of being the baby. The brothers are doing it, so Zach thinks he can do it too. Doesn't really matter what "it" is, if Daniel and Mikey can do it, so can Zach! Or so he thinks. Poor little man gets absolutely IRATE b/c he can't play T-Ball with his brothers!! He is now refusing to sit in his high chair at home. He really doesn't want the sippy cups, but he's not quite ready for big boy cups yet!! Well, rather my carpet isn't ready for him to have big boy cups just yet. He has figured out how to climb up the ladder of the boys' bunk beds....yeah, there's a trip to the ER in the making!!
Zach has definitely developed his own little personality lately. He's a very loving child, but lately his mischievous streak has starting showing itself. For instance, the other day, Mikey was sleeping on the couch and Zach walks up to him, with this HUGE grin on his face, and just starts banging on Mikey's head!!! It was pretty funny, but of course, I couldn't let Zach just beat on his brother. He also knows when he's doing something he isn't supposed to do. He look at his dad and me to see if we're going to tell him "no".
All of my boys seem to like music....Daniel LOVES to sing, Mikey likes to attempt to play instruments, and now Zach thinks he is "Lord of the Dance". Recently anytime he hears music on tv, he starts doing this weird, head bobbing dance. It's pretty funny. Combine the weird head bob with his "chicken walk" where he walks with his head stuck WAY out and his arms held behind him and he is definitely a sight to behold!!!
Well, that is by no means all of Zach's quirkiness, but I'm at school and the bell's about to ring, so I'll wrap up for today!!! More to come on my final Hurricane!!